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Friday, May 17, 2013


Our visit to the Pirate's Cove Marina continued through the afternoon.  I asked how long the event would continue Saturday with the answer, "wee hours of the evening".  We were more than surprised by the friendly pirates and custom wood boats.

Well, this is the perfect First Mate!  Lift jacket, collapsible bowl, sun hat and shades.  The mate was aboard an inflatable dingy at West Marine. West Marine Store was our first visit and like a kid in the candy store wandering around a store devoted to boating. 
We thought the message here was particularly telling.  We found the pirates very honest and especially the boat owners who spent so much time rebuilding their boats.  Of course a sign displayed everywhere reminded us of our venture into a realm of which we are unfamiliar;

apron.  The below boat is made of plywood after many coats of varnish and clear coats. 
The pics do not do these beauties justice.  The owners were very honest as the watched us paw their babies.  I cannot imagine the long days spent creating such a finish. The owners also had to rebuild engines, props and all are working boats. 

Now remember, this is a Pirates Cove event which required copious consumption of beer and other drinks.  The facility included "facilities" sufficient for all.  However, one portion of the "facility" seemed a bit unusual.
Yep, you guessed it. This "facility" is a converted beer keg (yuengling) available to all the male pirates in need.  The motto here is "bring your ding-a-ling to the yeung-a-ling"!  I think the brewery should adopt this slogan for national advertising.   Or "leaking in a yeung-a-ling".  Well, you get the message. I think a contest incorporating the facility into a warm slogan for the national ad campaign would be well received. 

I suppose that is enough about the Pirate's Cove Wooden Boat Show and the gathering of pirates.  We obviously enjoyed ourselves and must continue on to new adventures.  We hope you will join us as we cruise by land and water.

Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise, Deckhands Bella and Bailey.
Happy Sailing

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