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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Each and every day on the Key is different. We are only exploring each day and finding more to our liking. 

View .Perdido Key Adventures in a larger map
The above map gives some indication of our location and places we visit. Just click on "splat" for a brief description. As you can see by zooming in or out the area is near many beaches and fun things to do. We are "between" seasons now which is good as restaurants and beaches are not busy and school remains in sessions.  Cuts down on the little ones screaming in restaurants etc.

2013-04-30_12-45-10_248.jpgWednesday found us without a "plan", typical of our trips. The day was overcast so we opted to go for a walk and maybe breakfast.  Denise lead the way, scrambling up a grassing hill in a short cut to the LARGE and HIGH bridge over the ICW. The mountain goat walk was employed to reach the highway. Wonder what motorists thought seeing two "goats" flop over the guardrail into or near their path.  Good thing they were alert. 

The above view is from the large bridge we walked to breakfast. Our Phaeton is the second from the left, dogs are waving from front window. Can you see them?  The location is wonderful with our boat "fix" daily seeing the many styles and types of boats traveling the ICW.  We cannot wait to bring out 0 Regrets to this area.  You can see the park is not full but they anticipate being full this weekend.  Great time to be here.

Now being an honest man I must tell a story on myself.  I am usually modest and reserved, but I had to come out of my shell today during our breakfast at Triggers.  Our neighbor recommended Triggers for breakfast, so during our walk we decided to walk there for a bit of food.  Now, we both order well and I did not give a thought to the cost. Well,...... I quickly placed $20. in my pocket prior to our walk and the resulting breakfast bill was $22. OOPS!. I then had to explain to our waitress that I did not have sufficient coin of the realm to pay. But, being an honest man, if they would let us walk back to our Phaeton I would search the cushions of our coach for more money.  She was very gracious and permitted me to leave but KEPT Denise as security.  I did hurry back but I learned Denise can sweep a restaurant floor quickly.  She did look good in those shorts the staff provided.   Never leave home without that plastic.

This pix is my view of an energy efficient billboard. Now none of us like all the clutter of these larger signs, but someone has found a way to save energy. This sign changes ads and appears to be powered by the turbine.  I am exploring adding a small turbine to our boat to help charge batteries.  I might need to visit this company.

Well after out long hike, breakfast, insufficient coin and glimpse of new technology, we enjoyed cocktails at the Phaeton and then ventured to our evening restaurant choice. We had several folks tell us to enjoy the Sunset Grille just down the road from out resort.  Venture we did!  

  The view from our table at Sunset Grille.  Denise is the expert with the software but the sun was setting and wine and food was perfect.  This grille is part of a large marina facility and we could dock our boat on this pier seen above for a stay and enjoy the grille.  WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!  

Another day ends but another awaits us.  
Happy sailing!
Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise and deckhands Bella and Bailey.     

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