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Monday, June 10, 2013

Opportunistic Cruise

I must admit, the cruising bug has imbeded itself in my physic!  As is my custom I planned to stay another evening at our wonderful condo with the girls(Bella and Bailey).  My dear wife, Denise, has a real job and must report each Monday morning for duty.  I, luckily, can work many times remotely.

Well, the idea found itself rolling around in my head, why not spend the time aboard 0 Regrets?  The girls and I found ourselves aboard with plans to cruise a short distance and anchor for the evening.  And that we did. 

Our impromptu cruise was only 1 mile, but we are enjoying a quiet and lovely anchorage.  We took the opportunity to visit friends who are camped nearby at Canal Campground for a few days.  Ronnie and Carolyn are long time friends who have retired and cruise in their land yacht(motorhome) during a good portion of the year. So being the industrious type, I rowed the dingy over for a short walk to their place.  I did leave the girls(deckhands) to guard the boat.  As you can see, they are on the job.
Work, work and more work!!!  They did feel neglected. Bailey continued to whine as I rowed the dingy away.  Maybe some extra treats for them with their Grog. 

We enjoyed a quiet evening aboard.  Watched a little TV, yes we to have Direct TV.  But most of the evening we lounged on the bridge with a glass of wine(the deckhands got grog), watching the sunset over the green hills. 

This time of year we do not need air conditioning aboard. We just open the hatches(with mosquito netting), windows and run a fan for a cool evening.  Seems our little girl, Bella, has found another entry to the cabin!!
The forward hatch, at the bow, open to the cabin.  Bella could enter this way, but a long jump down to the cabin sole.  She just wanted to see what I was up to.  Just a bit more wine, I think. And this was the first evening.

After an early rise, 6am, the girls needed to go for a walk.  Around the deck you know. We had to cruise back to Green Turtle Bay Marina for provisions. My lovely Admiral, Denise, suggested we just stay another evening.  Over much complaining and tears on my part, I relented and the girls agreed to anchor another evening.  One must do what one must do! 
 While anchored once again, in this bay of no name, we enjoyed a little boat work and tackled installing the outboard motor on the dingy.  Alas, it would not start.  I will have to enlist professional help in the marina if I cannot "fix" the problem.

While enjoying the fruits of our labors, wine, we lounged again on the bridge deck.  Bailey's ears perked up and we were nearly boarded by a gaggle of geese.  We did offer them some dog food and they enjoyed their devourers!  The girls watched in amazement.
No girls, do not jump!!!  As always we relaxed to the cabin for a little food and a catch up on evening news.  WORK, WORK WORK!!  The girls just caught some ZZZZ's and missed all the news.  
  We particularly like the warm glow of the hurricane lantern. This mood may be spoiled by the "glow" of the direct TV. So we spent another evening aboard 0 Regrets, anchored along the Canal Campground.  We plan for the Admiral to join us by the weekend for more of the same WORK.
  As always, the invitation is open for all to join us as we cruise the lakes and rivers.  By October 2014, we may be in salt water along the panhandle of Florida.  We do want to get this little boat a bit "salty".

Happy sailing,

Barry, Denise, Bella and Bailey
aboard 0 Regrets

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