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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Renewed Kentucky Lake Cruising

It seems I let time slip away.  At my age that is not a good habit.  Actually, we continue to cruise, primarily Kentucky Lake (Tenn River) with some cruising along the Lake Barkley (Cumberland River) at our leisurely pace of 7-8 mph.  We do get to see the "sites" for a long time. 

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This anchorage is quiet with good cooling wind from northwest. We did have a small storm cell roll in near dark with about 30 mph winds but no rain.  We tend to capture these events on camera in the understanding no one else has seen a storm approach over water.
Well, I suppose this was after the cell crossed our bow. Must be the wine again, again, again.  That seems to be the trend in our cruising, sun, beer, sun, beer, sunset, wine, food, wine, then nite nite!  Sound like a good day to me. 

 Do we have AA for boaters?  I plan my 12 steps along our deck checking on dogs, spiders, willow flies, dock lines etc. Come aboard, you can have some of my "steps".  

At times the Captain must take a break and allow the crew to take the helm. Well, Bella had her first watch yesterday as we cruised up Kentucky Lake to Duncan Bay.  Like all good Captain's  I give my crew the benefit of the doubt about their attention to detail. However, the Captain must trust but verify. As you can see by the picture, this "scurvy Dog" was not attentive.  I mean, the chart is right in front of her.  Good thing the auto pilot was engaged or we may have run aground.  Retraining for watch standing is in order.
 Now I am all for security and protection of the Homeland.  The Coasties were on patrol before 7 am. this morning, Sunday. I have taken notice of the quality boat they get to use.  Twin 225 hp motors, which in an inflatable boat, will fly.  I did not notice any armament but they are good to have in case of one of those "mayday" calls we all hope never to make.
Well, now that I feel better, I plan to return to my studies.  You know all that nautical stuff.  One must be aware of the sunsets with all the colors, like sailor beware if you see the wrong colors.  The wine tends to make me see in rainbow colors, must be the prism effect looking through a wine glass.
The above view was a bit unusual.  Appeared as if the bell line was electrified.  The sunset was a prior visit in a different bay but the sunset is typical of our views along Kentucky Lake.  We are fortunate to have two wonderful lakes to cruise and enjoy both rivers, Tennessee and Cumberland.

Well another post is complete.  I am considering starting another blog with the name "0 Regrets" which will be dedicated to our cruising. As we hope to sell the motorhome soon and the current blog name is just not appropriate.  However, I do not want to loose my loyal readers.  A press release will be posted upon any changes in blog and/or name. I am certain CNN will be impressed and cover the changes.

Happy sailing,
Capt. Barry, Adm.Denise, Deckhands Bella and Bailey

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  1. Great blog. It's fun following you on the water.