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Monday, June 10, 2013

Cruising Fever

Weekend cruising is limited to the Tennessee River (KY lake) or Cumberland River (lake barkley).  Time seems to continue to be a limiting factor in our cruising. With a boat cruisng at 8 mph. distances are limited. We are exploring new waters with more cruising of the Cumberland River (Lake Barkley) nosing into bays with new anchoring opportunities.
The above picture is the maximum security prison at Eddyville,KY.  I can only imagine being prisoned there watching boaters cruising Lake Barkley every, every, day. Medival seems to be the best description.  We cruised by there on Saturday afternoon on our way to Eddy Creek Marina for an over night anchorage.  This did become a real party!!  We anchored behind the Party Barge waiting for the party to begin.  We had good water at about 14-18 ft. depth with good holding for an anchorage.  

Well, the view above is Denise and Bailey swimming. Bailey had retreaved a block of wood and would not let go.  Of course they had on their life preservers floating in the Lake Barkley waters.  Bailey always enjoys the water.  She taught Denise to Swim. 

Yep, that is the old guy walking the transient dock to our waiting dingy.  We had a good brunch at Eddy Creek Marina after a one hour wait to receive food.  Good food but one must wait on the weekend.  The party barge is ahead in the photo and is perfect for a Saturday night party, if not raining. 

New picture of the 0 Regrets.  We seldom get an opportunity to view our little boat from afar. We have many compliments on our boat in several marinas and always enjoy the complimants of others.   We enjoy our little boat and are encouraged by the comments of others.
Denise captured this sunset from the party barge.  A real task after all those beers.  She is a real trouper on the party barge. I was just the security for the visit. 

Well that is the weekend with our adventures.  We always envite all our friends along for the weekend, just so long as they only stay the weekend!!!  After all, even family smells like fish after 3 days. 

Happy Sailing,
Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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