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Thursday, May 26, 2011

South Carolina Caravan

We are currently located in the wilds of South Carolina in midst of a thunderstorm.  Hopefully no tornadoes, oops the satelite just went black.  Must be the rain.  You know, cats and dogs etc.  Here could be raccoons, squirrels, snakes and moon shiners. 

We are on way to visit the Fam-Damily in Salem, SC.  They provide us with the Henderson Hilton treatment and spoil us on the way home.  We plan to park the Phaeton in the cul-de-sac and they will through out the extension cord.  Do not tell the security guards.  Brother in law said " we will sneak you in the back way". Now that is a welcome.

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I am sure more will be told about this arrival and visit.  We are located at the Magnolia RV Park in Kinards, SC off I-26. Now, I do not know the demand for the area, but we were told we have the last and I mean the LAST, 50 amp hook ups.  Now the park is not full but we do feel special.  The park is good and convenient.  So, if you are passing near Columbia, SC and need a stop, this park is for you.  Remember to  question the lady checking you in about her accent.  She is from Maine and has not adopted the South Carolina accent.  Shame. 

So come one come all to the south.  From here you can see 4 states.  You know, state of mind, confusion, Ecstasy, madness, bliss, ignorance and state of adventure.  That would be more states.  Oh well, who is counting.  Come visit the area and make sure you ask for the Lady of Maine.  She will correct your English and welcome you to the park.  Watch out, yawns cost more.

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