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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lady of Thor

Encountering a mythical legend in a Wrangler (horse) Camp Ground is never anticipated.  In fact, this encounter was of the Lady Thor.  While she did not pound the anvel with a hammer, she walks the U.S. with a presence of spirit.   Lady Thor is traveling North to the Land of the Keweenaw Peninsula. 

Our audiance with Lady Thor was an accidental encounter during a "necessary" walking of our dogs.  We were visiting the new Wrangler Camp as part of the Pennyrile State Park Camp Ground exploring the suitability of the new sites for our Phaeton Motor Home.  The Commonwealth of Kentucky has invested over One Million $$ in construction and expansion of the Wrangler Camp.  Being one of the oldest if not the oldest Kentucky State Park, the camp ground remains in need of renovation to modern standards.  This has begun with the Wrangler Camp.  Under these unusual surroundings we met Lady Thor.

The mythical character manfested herself in the form of a single lady traveler with her trusted friend "Bailey". It seemed that the Lady was somewhat bored being a lone traveler and caught in recent monsoons aflicted upon the western portion of Kentucky.  She did make this trek to Pennyrile to play golf, however, it seemed the course was below water level.  Therefore, she saw fit to visit with mere earthlings to share a portion of her life and recent history. 

It seems that even Thor Gods are susceptable to the whims of the heart.  With a smile and short laugh, Lady Thor explained how that even she found herself traveling alone without THOR.  She did have a smile during this short story.  It seems that THOR, her husband attended a 50 yr class reunion, meeting up with an old girlfriend from the teen years of the THOR God.  Go figure.  She explained THOR now lives with a younger earthling in Atlanta and our Lady is traveling the country in her new Thor motorhome.  The twinkle in her eye revealed a bit of mischief.  The Lady does not know where she will travel, who she will meet or what adventures await.  Whick is the escence of wanderings in a motor home.  "All who wonder are not lost". see quoted.  We discussed a number of aspects about her travel, golf, kayaking and the trip back to the Upper Peninsula.

The woman of steel and fire, Lady Thor left us with a smile, a farwell wave and her good wishes.  The luck emparted by the Lady Thor will help pave our way along the highways and lanes we travel.  We cannot summon any sympathy for THOR as he has created his own world.  We do anticipate the Lady will travel our earth enjoying each moment with surprise, a laugh and that certain twinkle in her eye.  We will look forward to a return vist from the Lady in coming years. 

Ahhh, another of our many adventures and characters we meet along the wandering of the Phaeton.  Encountering mythical characters, mystical vibrations and those amazing sunsets is only a part of the travel adventure.

Happy Trails,
Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella.

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