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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Hematite Lake Trail

It is even hard to spell Hematite.  Fortunately hiking the Hematite Trail is not as arduous.  Beware, if you have thighs that rub the jeans white, do not attempt this trail.  However, if you have an eye for birding, fish, flowers and the nature of Land Between the Lakes, take this short hike.  Pack a shore lunch, fishing rod, worms, bug spray and cold drink for a wonderful Spring day.  Do not forget the camera.  The hike is only about 2 miles and not difficult.  Keep your imagination with you and you might see some "original" settlers of the Between the Rivers communities. 

Crossing the stepping stones at the damn permit entrance into the enchanting trek around Hematite Lake. Don't forget to get your feet wet.  The only ones who miss out are the ones unwilling to risk wet feet.    If we never get our feet wet how do we know what dry feels like.  Sneak up on the wood dock and water fowl observation shack, like you are surprising the geese.  Using the imagination of your children, run along the wood planks, following your reflection in the lake.  Time stops, sun shines, water ripples and geese honk.  This is your Hematite Lake. 

After your exploration around the lake, visit the Nature Center for education about all the wildlife in the Land Between the Lakes.  Spring is the time for butterflies, and hummingbirds.  Rangers and volunteers are available for questions.  Visit with the Bald Eagles, Wolf, Deer and Birds.  Remember most of this is FREE.
Return to the lake with your canoe, kayak or waders.  Spring is great fishing and sneaking up on criters with your boat. 

Lose your imagination, free the kids, kick of the shoes and get your feet wet.  Afterall, mud and wet feet reveal our true nature.  Those who cannot get dirty cannot be clean.

Happy trails,

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