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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lamaze at Tiffin

Giving birth is a unique experience.  We had the opportunity to witness the birth of a number of motor homes during our visit to the Tiffin Motor Home Factory in Red Bay, Alabama.  However, the visit is only the beginning of enjoying Red Bay and the Tiffin Experience. 

Red Bay, AL is a small community supporting about 3,800 souls with 1,100 employed at Tiffin Motor Homes.  Another number are gainfully employed at the Sunshine Dog Food Company.  The smell of dog food being created is an unusual experience in itself.  Do not miss Katie's Cakes and Florist for fine dining in the Red Bay experience.  Good food and a floral experience. 

Back to the subject.  We participated in the factory tour being met by Red, at 90 yrs. old the greater at Tiffin for the tour.  He retired last year after many decades showing the public how the Tiffin Motorhomes are constructed.  It is an eye opener to view the beginnings with a chassis, engine and transmission with a temporary seat for moving the chassis to various locations in the factory.  Tiffin constructs most of the major components in various factories in Alabama and Mississippi.   We were guided by a couple with working knowedge of the various factory sections during the construction.  We found the most unique aspect of the tour being able to talk to any techs during constructions, stopping their work to answer questins and how us what the were completing.  That would not be possible in any auto manufactoring facility.  For example, we stopped workers installing the front and rear caps, one of the most difficult of the manufacturing process, to have them guide us through their tasks

While at the Tiffin Service Facility we stayed at their full service camp ground situated along an old airport runway.  They did explain that the airport closed a number of years ago when their only plane broke down and the Tiffin family purchased the property.  Giving new meaning to travel. 

We met owners from New Zealand, Britain, Canada and every state in the Union.  We all travel in the Tiffin Motorthome with endless experiences and tips on repair and travel locations.  The factory offers a lounge with pets welcome and all employees have that deep south charm and patience.  At the factory, all techs will answer your questions and help you buy parts and worry over your home on wheels.  Each evening the dogs walks their owners during the cocktail hour inspiring stories of travel, adventure and motorhome ownership. You can gain quite an education just walking the walk in the Tiffin Campground. 

Long time owners suggested we travel NOW. Not waiting for the eventual "retirement"  During our visit a fellow of 83 yrs took possession of a new Zephyr motorhome to continue his travels around the U. S.   We could only wish him well and hope we can continue our adventures at that age. 

We can only encourage our friends to take flight, spread your wings and enjoy new adventures when you can.  Enjoy the moment and remember the Tiffin moto "roughing it smoothly".

Happy trails,
Denise and Barry

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  1. Ronnie- Carolyn PolleyMay 15, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    If, only we all could own a tiffin motorhome,they are the no.1 seller for a reason! You and Denise have a wonderful trip, hope she's doing good after her surgery!! Ronnie & Carolyn