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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Adventure Dream

One never accomplished anything without a "dream".  Our travels during the past 3 years has opened our eyes and hearts to the wonderful world of travel.  As I have attempted to chronicle in the pages of "Rubber Rats", the views, people and adventure traveling the U. S. has provided us with new friends and a great appreciation of this country and its beauty.  Therefore, we are starting to pursue another "dream". 

As with all dreams, they sometimes fail to come true.  No matter, the person who does not dream does not have much to look forward to.  As Denise and I have a rather active dream center we have decided to see where this new adventure will lead us. 

One way to explain the scope of the new adventure is a map of the new "trail".  File:Great Loop Route Map.jpeg

Now please put your store bought teeth back in your head and we will explain the dream.
The Great Loop is to cruise the eastern half of the U. S. via intercoastal water routes and the Atlantic and Gulf Waters.  The route ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 miles dependent upon the side trips we may decide to embrace.  As seen on the above map, the cruisers can vary the route as well as the timing of seasons to enjoy the best weather.  Most "loopers" complete the cruise over a 1-2 year period.  Some choose to sail straight through and can complete the cruise in 8-10 months.   We however, have a different idea.  Why not combine boat and motor home travel.

We seem to have the motor home travel down to a comfortable method or routine.  Now it is time to learn the boat cruising.  We envision spending part of the year on the boat and a portion on the motor home, taking advantage of the seasons and favorable sailing patterns, i.e. weather and currents.  Now, we have not worked out the logistics of this scheme but we are certain it can be done. 

Boat Hunt:  Our research has revealed the most popular craft to cruising the Loop is a trawler.  Now, best explained that is a fairly large, slow, stable craft.  We are learning the term "trawler" encompasses a wide variety of styles, hull designs, size and manufacturers.  We anticipate a one year search for the right boat and another year learning the navigation and getting comfortable with the boat.  Thus far the research and boat search has been fun. 

We are fortunate that Green Turtle Bay Marina is one of the favorite Looper stops.  We have toured several boats with the broker and are talking to experienced sailors in planning our new quest.  We have discovered the beauty and variety of the home country while traveling over 30,000 miles in the past 3 years.  Now, we want to travel several thousand more miles (nautical) seeing this country via the water ways. 

So, come along with the "Minnow" for a three year tour as we try to get lost.  I plan to be just a deck hand while Captain Denise pilots the vessel through all types of water, waves and wind.  Maybe we can just drift along.  We plan to spend many evenings "on the hook" anchored in beautiful harbors enjoying the setting sun and wondering what the next day will present us.  So come aboard, bring a smile, adventurous spirit and of course a bottle of wine.  Welcome aboard.

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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