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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Longing for a Journey

After several weeks at dock, the Phaeton is tugging at her lines longing to begin another journey.  We made the journey to the south land in spring and have been docked at the Canal Campground since.  Alas, we will be at dock here till early August and then move about 10 miles to the Eureka Campground for a stay.  But, the path of the next journey is taking shape.

While we may not be overjoyed with family reunions, the annual reunion of the Root family takes place August 20th in northern Pennsylvania.  Since we have not ventured into this region, it seems only proper that we should inflict ourselves on the unsuspecting family for a few days.  Denise assures me they have a great deal of fun and do enjoy their wine. 

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We anticipate arrival at Morris, PA after 2-3 days travel, then on to the Adirondack Mountains in upper state New York.  That is right, I said New York.   But of course not anywhere near the city.  We hope that September will bring fall colors to the mountains and much cooler temps for the Phaeton.  I have begun the travel plan which of course entails many hours of exhaustive research to secure the right travel plan, campgrounds and of course the "sights".  We may venture to Montreal, CA while practicing our southern french.

On another note, I have noticed a bit of lethargic in my Blog writings.  I have come to the opinion that this is in part attributable to lack of movement.  Not mine as much as the wheeled beast we see as home.  Also, I have noticed several references to nautical terms in my speech and writing.  The "boat" is calling.  Our someday in the trawler may be sooner than we might think.  Upon arising during the night for a wee visit, I hear the hum of the air conditioner and inevitably my thought turns to the quiet hum of the boat engine as our trawler crosses the Gulf, Atlantic and Great Lakes.  Of course for this to be real, my bride must be at the helm for someone must coxswain the ship.  

I can only attribute this chain of thoughts to the longing for the journey.  Thus we plan for the New York journey purposefully avoiding cities, crowds and plan to bask in the fall colors while enjoying the relief of the temps.  Our travels have reminded us that the Journey is the trip, not the destination.  Cruising along in the Phaeton with the gentle hum of the diesel, checking the GPS, radar and depth sounder(here I go again), we ply the asphalt waters for yet another voyage.    

Run along the dock, swing a leg over the caprail, step of the spring lines and pounce aboard the Phaeton and come along with us on our new cruise.  We promise the handle the lines, weigh anchor, launch the "dingy" and provide the "grog" on the cockpit each evening. Come along with the Phaeton for a "3 hour tour" and enjoy.

We wish you a light wind, following seas and new ports.

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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