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Sunday, December 7, 2014

I do not give a Damn!

In my previous post, I discussed my current attitude of "not giving a damn".  Well, that has not changed.  However, I had an "ununique" (not a new English word) thought.  What do I really care about.  No, that is not all the tragedies around the world, I am not trying to right all the wrongs.  But I do have a few items of caring. 

Now, I am called selfish, self centered, maybe egotistical and sometimes maniacal.  Sounds like a good horror movie, don't you think?  Well, I got over it!  

I do care about my life as I choose to live it.  I do not care if you dislike my opinions.  I care about finding that elusive place or character who makes me smile or shed that tear.  Yes I can cry.  I do not really like to be alone for extended periods, but I can tolerate it.  I do find I like myself. 

I no longer care about Christmas decorating.  Not that I ever did.  I do not need shining lights or manger scenes to brighten my day.  I do embrace my views of Lake Barkley, the shine on teak bright work on 0 Regrets and the laugh of my loving wife, Denise.  So, hang those icicles from you roof, inflate the Santa, reindeer(Rudolph) and manger scenes in your yard and enjoy.  I do not give a damn!

I care about my schedules, work and personal, for my time is important to me.  I do not care about your schedules.  My time is important and I will enjoy that time.  I do not share the importance of trivial events, i.e. birthdays, decorating, your grandchild's first birthday, new recipes, new cars, trains, planes and public transit.  I do like boats, RV's and the people who navigate the earth and waters.  These characters have character.  They tend to see the world through nature's eyes not cluttered with all the seemingly important crap. 

On the light side, I love our dogs!  They, unlike me, do not judge.  Much!  I would suggest you step out of that office, coal mine, train, truck, car that your are circling the earth aboard and set your own schedule.  There comes a time! Find that time and cut that "string" above your head.  .

But that is just my opinion.

Well enough said, Happy Sailing.
aboard 0 Regrets


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