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Sunday, November 30, 2014

No Longer Do I Give a Damn

0 Regrets 

Unlike my typical blog post, this is not a travel post.  While the winter months are upon us I have had time to reflect on my attitude.  I find that it has changed in the past couple of years.  Imagine that, turning 65, freedom of travel and the realization life can be very short.  This is where I normally post a picture of nature or our travel location, but this is now where I rant!

I am not much into politics.  I do sometimes about CNN coverage and wonder who invented FOX News.  This is one of the moments when "I just don't give a damn"!  Now I have moments where I really care but sometimes it is just an act.  You know, when someone worries about the state of this or that.  Well, I just "don't give a damn". 

That attitude may seem like a cop out but it was a realization to me in the past couple of months that this brings a freedom.  If you do not give a damn, then you do not have to make any decisions or a stand on some issue.  Really, in most situations no one wants to hear my opinion.  I tend to be a bit cynical, imagine that!  Really? 

I find my wants are limited to a few conditions.  Like my travel plans, new home at Barkley Lake and cruising with my lovely wife. Most other things are just things.  I imagine I have maybe 20% of my life span left to enjoy. So, get with it.  This leads back to the "I don't give a damn" attitude.  Get another glass of wine you fool.

If you really think about things, all those "needs" seem small in comparison to traveling, seeing all the "sights" as my mother used to say. You know they do not put luggage racks on hearses.  When I can set my heading south to the unknown of saltwater sailing, that "don't giver a damn" attitude will be in full blossom.  I will "give a damn" when the boat runs aground, or the bottom needs painting or something breaks.  But that is my "damn" and not guided by anyone else.   Rant, Rant, Rant.  But, that is my decision not guided by the wants of society or some monetary pressure.

Do I see a "theme" developing here?

But that is just my opinion!

Happy Sailing


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