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Monday, October 13, 2014


We have not attempted a "road trip" in several years.  However, in order to attend our nephew's wedding in Easton, Md. the cruise aboard 0 Regrets would require many months.  Nephew and finance' would not agree to postpone the wedding.  Therefore, a road trip ensued to Maryland. 
Fortunately, this area on the Chesapeake Bay offers a sailor's paradise and unlimited boats to view. 

The above map is the location of our Road trip.  Click on the pins to get description of the locations.  The route from Lexington, VA. up through the Shenandoah Valley is a great mountain trip.  You can drive the Skyline Road along the mountains if you have the time. 

The above view is a bed & breakfast Victorian suffering from one of the highest tides in recent memory.  The back yard flood was receding but continued to require wading to local restaurants and maritime museum. 

The above lighthouse was removed from the original and placed at the maritime museum for the public to view.  All the original houses have been replaced but a tour of this portion gives a good view of the conditions under which the housekeepers lived.  Also a good view of this bay. The museum is located at St. Michaels, MD only 10 miles from Easton, Md. on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The above is a small, all wood boat.  Actually about 14 ft. long with a bow looking more like a pilot boat.  The workmanship is first class.
A wood row boat with flowery decoration.  Again the quality of the workmanship is excellent.  Almost all boats in the show are built by locals from all wood materials. 
The view above is Main Street at Annapolis, Md. looking toward waterfront.  All historical buildings used for retail, restaurants and housing.  A great walking town, even to the Naval Academy.  If you visit, DO NOT MISS the noon muster and tour of the academy.
This is a view of the court house in Annapolis.  The view in the evening was stunning and I could not resist.  Now on to the Academy.
I could not get the total muster formation in the frame. They muster each noon prior to their meal with 4,000 cadets dressed in their daily work uniform.  They all eat in one mess hall and are allowed only about 20 minutes to eat.  Also, all cadets live in the same dorm building which is comprised of eight wings. 
Not the best exposure but this is Memorial Hall which we toured. By the way, our tour guide was a retired Navy Captain (4 striper) aviator.  He graduated from the Academy in 1965 and earned wings in 1967.  He served in the same VP squadron I was attached after my Vietnam tour.  Small world. 

the view above is the entrance to memorial hall. this building is used to memorize those cadets who have lost their lives in service of their country.  A special place for all veterans. 

 The historic slogan for all sailors.  The dying command of the Captain of the USS Chesapeake in 1813.  Later on the battle flag of the USS Niagara.  Another part of Naval History.

The above pic is the crypt of John Paul Jones buried in a tomb below the Cathedral of the academy.  The body was entombed here after locating the first burial under a building in France. He is considered the father of the modern navy.  Just another sacred place for all navy members. 
Another view that is inspiring. This the dome in the Academy cathedral which we viewed while cadets were rehearsing for the Phantom of the Opera to be performed during the All Saints Day service.

 This is the lodgings of the Academy Commandant. He really has some great digs compared to the cadets.  This is only one of the large homes on the campus.  The Commandant is an Admiral of course. 

Well, just some thoughts on our tour of Annapolis and the Academy. One last photo of the happy couple having a great meal over looking the Annapolis Harbor.  Food and beverage was enjoyed!
Just another day along our journey.  We will visit here again aboard 0 Regrets in about 1-2 years as we cruise the east coast.  Remember,
"life is a journey, only you hold the map"
Happy Sailing,
Adm. Denise, Capt Barry and deck hands Bailey and Bella

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