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Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am compelled to add more information about our anchoring in Wilson Lake and later Bay Springs.   One must remember, the Tennessee River is a series of impoundments, read lakes, maintained by the Corp of Engineers.  This permits unlimited anchorage opportunities and a wide range of beauty. 

I discussed our boat problems while on Wilson Lake, I failed to provide information about an excellent anchorage. We anchored in Six Mile Creek on the East side of the lake.  This creek continues for a few miles, however, the water does get shallow and would not permit us to venture further.  The anchorage is well protected from wind except from the West.  We needed this wind due to lack of A/C and welcomed the breeze. 
The above photo gives the location near Florence, AL.  Just 5 miles further up river is Wheeler Lake which has an excellent lodge and marina.

The above map depicts our cruise.  Click on the balloon for further information.  Of course we reversed our path in our return to our home port. 

On to Bay Springs anchorage.  This portion of the cruise requires returning down river to Pickwick Lake and Yellow Creek and the upper portion of the Tom Bigbee Waterway.  We cruised the "ditch" for 27 miles to the Bay Springs area.  The ditch is narrow and does require constant observation for approaching tow boats and their barges.  But, upon reaching the lower portion of the ditch you are greeted with a deep and beautiful lake, Bay Springs. 

The above map gives some indication of Bay Springs location in relation to Florence. AL.  This location is in Mississippi and new water for us.  At this anchorage we did experience another boat problem.  In retrieving the anchor the windlass stopped and would not operate in up or down mode.  Uh Oh!  We were drifting toward the shore at this point and had to start the engine and retrieve the anchor by hand.  Yep the old fashion way.  All of our little problems did not stop our cruise or limit in any way our adventure. They will just have to be dealt with upon our return to our home port. 

We did encounter a well know ship upon our return cruise.  The LST 325 from Evansville, IN had cruised ahead of us at the beginning of the cruise.  Upon our last day of the cruise we heard a radio call for the LST 325.  Well, that means it must be within a few miles of our boat.  Looking to our rear I see on the horizon a big, gray blob and sure enough it is LST 325.  She was monitoring the channel 13 for commercial traffic.  She gained on us and I called the Captain to ask how he would like to pass.  I did manage to get a short video.

Well the above video is short but she is a real WWII ship and the only LST ship remaining operational.  You never know what you will see along the river. 

Well that is the jest of our 2014 Tennessee River Cruise. While we met many new friends along the way, we enjoyed quiet nights on anchor.  We hope that this time 2015 we will be cruising south to Florida and many new adventures.  Stay Tooned.

Happy Sailing,
Adm. Denise, Capt Barry and deck hands Bailey and Bella

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