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Saturday, December 13, 2014


During the winter months, ugh, boat fun continues. No, you don't just winterize and sit in front of the fire.  I do that some but once a Captain always and Captain.  During the winter months it is time to work on teak, bright work and interior teak.
I do enjoy this type of work and I am learning the process.  One of my first tasks this winter is applying a clear coat to the stained teak.  The temp must be 50 deg. or higher and no pollen in the air. I have stained small areas which were chaffed during the cruising months and now the protective coat is applied.  
 This photo gives a good indication of the teak cap rail and handrail adjacent to the natural teak deck.  I have applied a 2nd coat since this photo. The teak decks get a cleaning in the spring but never, never put any stain or oil on these decks.  I do not have a full time crew to maintain teak decks.
This rather unique hatch has always caught my eye. We do not usually have it uncovered, but we have had some good compliments on the "shippy" look of this hatch.  Fortunately the hatch is in good condition with no rust on the metal parts.  The hatch is located over the cutty cabin in the bow of the boat.  Typically used for ventilation and an escape hatch in case of an emergency. 
This is a view of 0 Regrets 2 years ago when we painted the bottom and hull.   We still plan to paint the cabin and bridge, hopefully in the coming year.  Spring would work except for the flying pollen. Maybe early summer will be a good time for more painting.  The next project will be working in the galley to upgrade appliances and counter top.
More to come as the winter projects continue.  All improvements are geared to long range sailing.  Our happy ship will sail us to many locations on rivers, gulf, seas and permit us to explore living on the water.  Please come along for the sail.
Happy Sailing,
Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella
aboard 0 Regrets

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