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Sunday, December 21, 2014



This old, white guy is not a victim.  It has occurred to me in recent years that some of our brethren feel all of us are victims of something or someone. Now if we are playing house and you want to tie me you up, then voluntary victimization can be a reality.  Just don't tie the knots real tight! 

But in everyday life I think we encounter very few "victims".  As defined by Webster;
  a person who has been attacked, injured, robbed, or killed by someone else
: a person who is cheated or fooled by someone else
: someone or something that is harmed by an unpleasant event (such as an illness or accident)
As an opinionated, non-victim, I disagree with some other definitions found in Webster, but that is my liberty.  Of course, many people fit the above definition and I would submit many of these "events" cannot be avoided. Now if you are a victim in that your spouse "cheated", I cannot agree.  Sure it may hurt but you can control many aspects of that condition.  Just get over it. 
I started this essay(I like that word) having found this "victim" stuff rolling around in the orb on my shoulders.  Not that may really care about my opinion.  Hey, maybe I am a victim.  Maybe being ignored or having your opinion ignored creates a victim.  WOW, we can all qualify.  There we are, back to the definition.
How about the "working poor"?  Some would call them victims, maybe of our society.  Hummm, that does not compute with my calculator.  Have we not always had "working poor".  I think we used to call them struggling.  Nothing wrong with a struggle, it can make you strong and pull you up.  Many parents have help more than one job while educating their children, putting food on a table and retaining the dignity of work and the struggle.  They do not and did not feel they were victims.  I would put forward we have the "poor" who receive their government determined benefits but remain a contributing citizen and work.  That does not, in my un-humble opinion, make them a victim.  I doubt they truly feel like a victim.
Now, warning here, there will be more to this topic.  It remains my belief that my readers can only take so much ranting.  I will always accept your opinions to my essays, just post them here for all to read.  I promise not to feel like a VICTIM!
As always, 

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