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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Canal Fog

There are visions in each day when the beauty of the world displays itself at unexpected moments.

The late afternoon "fog" fell upon the Canal Campground gently and was embraced by the welcome sun. I shared the moment with my 2ND best girl, Bailey.

It is my experience, although limited, that the best moments seem to be those most unexpected. Now, this moment occurred while walking Bailey toward the Canal entrance with a good view of the trash dumpster. Sublime light. However, the moment presented itself and my thoughts jumped to those souls lifting upward into the sun on a beautiful late spring day. I do hope more days end in this fashion. After all, this experience has to surpass the traffic, noise, rush to home that many experience. I am blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy this moment.

A thunder storm rolled in shortly after this moment, but the lower temps and cool breeze makes the rain a soft evening. Soft days are to be embraced and kept in the memory. Like holding hands with your best girl, sitting by a fire watching the water changes colors as the sun sets. Now that is bliss.

Now, this moment of bliss has passed and the dogs, Bella and Bailey are wrestling at my feet, the rain has returned and bison burgers are on the grill. Not a dull moment on the canal.

Happy Trails,

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