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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dog Pound

Herding horses, goats, pigs and cats cannot be as difficult as herding two vivacious DOGS! Now, granted, they had not had a couple glasses of wine, but bodily requirements seem to be utmost in demand. Now, the puppy, Bella, seems to have a gastrointestinal problem with auto travel. How does a 7 lb. dog puck up 5 lbs of food? I think she does this just to spite Bailey. You know, the alpha female.

Well, needless to say, she grossed up my back seat with puck. Good thing she does not like red wine. Now, no one has lived till they have to pick up poop from two dogs with 6 ft. leashes at one moment. Opening the poop bag, entwined in dogs, smelling each others ass, while I attempt to be calm picking up two piles of poop in full view of all camp ground visitors. I am beginning to know what an octopus feels like feeding all eight arms. Good thing I did not have to wipe asses.

Now, walking two dogs should not be a problem, right. I dare you to try this while sober. For some unknown reason, both dogs want to walk in front of me, crossing leashes and smelling butts. It is even more fun when another dog in the camp ground shows its ass and mingles with my pack. A Chinese fire drill all over again. By the time this walk was over, I wanted to shit all over all dogs. Cats are starting to look Good. I now understand why the Louis and Clark Expedition traded anything to the Indians for dog meat.

Well, they are now laying at my feet like little angles. They must know I am spilling the truth about their behavior. It is really hard to kill them when they are being good. Suckers are born every day. I think I will have to tie them to my leash and walk them all over the campground, smelling all scents on earth and make them pick up my poop. HEY YES, that would be a unique event.

Ok, no more talk of poop. I will be calm in the AM and walk dogs to their heart and butts content. Eureka may sink under the poop, but let it never be said I did not walk my dogs. I just want to know who designed the dog poop bags that are advertised as recyclable!

Happy Trails,

Bailey and Bella

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