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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Campground Characters 2010

Good ole Boy, Pantie Girl, nude naked picnic table sun bathing, 80 yr. old with motor home having 200,000 miles, Wayne is trouble dog, Vietnam chopper pilot, 70+ sunbather, GOLF CART SERENADE,


Now you just never know the mind of a camper. While walking my trusty Dog Bailey, we ventured to the boat dock. This area lends itself to not only fishing but the "soap box" of the campground. While Bailey and I were lounging on the dock, we struck up a conversation with two local fishermen. A husband and wife team, that is.

Somehow the conversation evolved around new medical procedures. This must have been prompted by my mention of a new bionic knee replacement I am in hopes of. My explanation of the need for a new knee set off the seismic response and lecture of the current boat dock preacher. Little did I know?????

The Good Ole Boy just left the set of the "Beverly's" or Andy Griffith. I am sure the used furniture of the household is on the porch or possibly under the canopy of the RV in the Canal Camp ground. But one should not stereo-type. At best the "Boy" can speak English under the vernacular of western Kentucky.

It seems that he has the opinion, based somewhat on his daughter's experience in the nursing field, that some odd experiments are occurring in the Space Lab. That would be SPACE LAB, not Lab on the porch. It seems she has had some limited experience in grating parts to people in need of parts.

His hypothesis is that some experimental cloning is occurring in the space lab. Why would the nations involved go to all the trouble and expense of flying various craft to the stations, building these "wings" just to watch the sun and moon. I mentioned maybe later exploration of other planets, but this fell on deaf and hairy ears. Not to mention the braided nose hair, cut off jeans and shredded shirt with plaid patterns, but I digress.

It seems that "Boy" has the certain opinion that the nations of the new World Order are cloning humans in their mold, zero gravity, in the space lab. That must be It! He extrapolated, (in broad daylight), that they were creating the perfect human to plant among us and finish the World Order formation. Of course I was struck with this expansive and well thought out idea of world domination. After all, his nurse daughter found that grafting skin to burn victims was a common practice. Soooooo, why not create new human beings. Makes since.

Now, all my readers are accustomed to my quiet, shy demeanor and lack of opinions. However, in this case I felt a compunction to mention my kidneys. That's right, particularly my right kidney. It was my response that if I needed a right vs. left kidney, and "they" could grow me one, just put that sucker in my body. I would take my chances with world domination of the new order. Well, this did not bring much response from the "Boy" except to mention that he would never accept such a growth in him.

I just say, "give me his good kidney"!

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