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Saturday, May 8, 2010


Every now and again, you meet people who make an impression upon you. As we have frequented the Lite Side Restaurant on many occasions, we enjoy each visit and are entertained by Bob and Irene. Let me explain!

The Lite Side is at Grand Rivers, Kentucky along the shores of Kentucky Lake. While Grand Rivers is dominated by "Patti's" 1800 Village, the Lite Side has the corner on original dining. Now, this begs the explanation of dining. The experience begins with the welcome of Irene and Bob. This duo have added pleasure to the area for almost 20 years. The menu changes daily with original recipes by Irene. But this is only the obvious part of the experience.

Now, Bob is actually "Ralph Crampton". You know, the "Honeymooners" of the 1950's. Bob has the gift of slight of eye while cunning of the cat to lure you into his story. Not so light on his feet, Bob, aka, Ralph, can dance his way into a good story. Self deprivation is a classic for Bob, but he is capable of the laying on blame to his dear wife Irene. Irene has her own character, but she will never make her way to the moon, via Ralph. Bob is a Vietnam Vet but not one to make a point of the fact. He does cook a mean breakfast casserole, if pressed. Do not offer Bob a knee joint for he will accept. As Bob slides effortlessly across the kitchen floor, the bad knee does not slow this Dancing with the Stars candidate. If you truly enjoy the lite side, do not indulge in the Bison Bob Sandwich. I do remember that Bob promised to deliver the vodka to our camp site at Canal.

Now for Irene. The dame of the bakery. Irene can be explained as a gentle Betty White. Of course this includes a bit of the bawdy Betty, but the class shows through. Irene can turn a good phrase with cutting slashes into Bob when necessary. But there is love in that bread. Ahhh the bread. Fresh pastries each morning of about any flavor imagined. A loaf of the Irene bread is near perfect bliss. The muffins capture the imagination with so many flavors, a bakers dozen cannot cover all the varieties. Miss Irene seems to please all customers with fresh pastries, flowers and new stories involving Mr. Bob.

Please do yourself a favor and visit Irene and Bob (Betty and Ralph) on your visit to the Grand Rivers, KY area. This is a DO NOT MISS. Tell them Barry and Denise sent you. This will not result in free food but maybe a smile and good laugh. Who knows, maybe we will get a free muffin next visit.

Happy trails,

Barry & Denise. (Rubber Rats)

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