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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weather Forcasting 2010

As the weather in the Commonwealth of Kentucky can be varied and unpredictable, the advent of scientific forecasting has enhanced the camping experience in the Lake Barkley area. Hence the reliable forecasting stone.

Situated at the entrance to the Canal Campground, the forecasting stone is consulted by campers, rangers and all inhabitants of Grand Rivers, Ky.

Although during the recent record rains and resulting floods, the stone remained above water but water pooling under the rock predicted the resulting flooding of the campground. The following conditions are a reliable predictor of weather in the immediate area.

1) Stone wet on sides = rain

2). Stone jumping up and down = earthquake

3). Stone white on top = snow

4). Stone swinging side to side = windy

5). Stone gone = tornado

As you can read on the sign, these are just a few of my favorite predictions. The Corp of engineers should be commended for their insight into all things weather related and retention to a since of humor. As always, Happy Trails to all.

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