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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hillmans Ferry Experience

Usually writing at the end of our trip experience, this attempt is the beginning. Hillmans is a new campground for us and started well. Geese honking, flying over the bay into the setting sun. How can this be bad. Backing into our site, mindful of the satellite signal, I coasted to the rear of the site for a level feel. New hosts are manning the gate, helpful but learning the computer program.

The lake level is at winter pool with more mud showing than is typical. It does give one a good view of the bottom which may help fisherman. The Canadian geese seem to love the opportunity to eat. This being our second trip this year, we are enjoying the solitude with few campers this time of year. Hillman Ferry is very crowded in the summer months with 4,000 little children riding bikes and screaming. While we do not fear the little tykes, we have been there and do not want to revisit the pain of rearing young children. We will let their parents suffer this summer while we enjoy the solitude of smaller camp grounds.

Well things are looking better at Hillman. We just extended our stay for 4 more days and may stay until end of week. Our site is good and weather predicts to be wonderful for next several days. I will commute to home for a bit of work on Tuesday but return same day to keep the Admiral and dogs company. I truly do have a bit of guilt due to Denise working and me lounging with a little work at the Lake. I will muddle through some how. She is patient with my flexible schedule.

I must not forget to encourage anyone visiting the area to try the menu at the Lite Side restaurant at Grand Rivers. Pastries and all fresh daily, breakfast casserole is to die for and the owners are most entertaining. Seems to be a liberal wife married to a grizzled ex marine. Great couple.

We fire sat tonight with a wonderful cool nite and clear, star lite sky. I see some fishing in my future while coach and dog sitting. Today was a "soft" day. My definition. These days are enjoyed more in my passing years and I will try to explain, with eloquence, in a later article.
Happy trails all.

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