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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exploring Campgrounds

One must explore occasionally. Denise and I spent the weekend at Eddy Creek Marina and took the opportunity to explore campgrounds. Exploring with my beautiful wife is most fun. Bailey accompanied us and had so much fun. Must be good to have such a sensitive nose.

We revisited Birmingham Ferry Camp and remain interested. No facilities at the camp except water but best view of Kentucky lake. I think next weekend is our weekend at the Ferry. Dry camping will be a new adventure for us but we are up to the task. No tents for us, just running the generator and living on love. Living on love is the best. The view is worth the trip. However, the water is low now, but Bailey will love getting muddy and making me bathe her. I probably will not have to bathe Denise, damn.

We did check out the camp ground at Kentucky Lake at the lodge. This seems to be a small parking lot with a few trees. No view of the lake or river. Did not appeal to us but sites appear to be suitable as to level and with water and electric. Just for passing through the area as far as we are concerned.

The Hillmans Ferry Campground is open March 2, 2010. All LBL campground will be open on this date. Hillmans is good except crowed in the summer months but does offer good facilities and lake access. Many, Many young children during the warm months. I do not have a problem with children, as long as I do not have to hear, see or care for them. I only believe the same as W. C. Fields, "anyone who hates dogs and kids cannot be all bad". Now I love dogs, but management of dogs is much easier than kids. We may grace the camp ground in the next few weeks before the crowds arrive.

The Eureka Campground pictured above is the best campground we found this year. A new year always brings new adventures for us. We walked the campground (closed now) picking out our camp sites for this year. Many of the sites front along Lake Barkley near the dam. From the reservations web site, it appears we are not alone in desiring this location. Bailey loved the camp with room to run, water and many new smells.

We met a very friendly couple, scoping out site like ourselves. We warned them not to take our sites. We found many sites with good access to the lake, views and ease of entry. The campground includes a good boat ramp with parking. The view and fishing opportunities abound here. This camp ground is only 45 min. from our home and I can envision long weekends here. The camp ground has about 27 camp sites so not to be over crowded. We will have enough people to bore for the weekend.

We have the standard, which is the Canal Camp Ground but will give a bit of a chance to the competing camp grounds. We had such a good experience at Canal due primarily to the hosts there. We have a plan to spend many years of our life full time in the RV and are learning to appreciate the work and opportunities in the new world of RV camping.

Each week I encounter my dream of leaving this world and entering the new world of RV Camping and travel. We want to leave this WORLD to explore a new WORLD in the Admiral. This requires planning and commitment to our goals. We are not leaving a life behind but just starting a new life. We have learned from others, that you will never realize true freedom till you get rid of your stuff and live with what you have. We will do this soon.

Soon may mean a few months or years. However, we are committed to be a team and travel during the next few years. The opportunity to spend years traveling this country with Denise will be the best of my life. We are planning the expenses, debt, home sale or lease and what to do with the stuff. Getting rid of the stuff may be the most fun. Look out Salvation Army, we may beseech you to take our stuff.

So we follow our in order to learn from others and see the life we wish to live.
Well, Bailey says good night and we hope all have fun.

Happy trails to all.

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