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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Newbie Warrior

After shipping Justin off to fight in a foreign land, We shipped Ethan to the U. S. Army Tuesday evening for basic training at Ft. Knox. I feel as though we have a new generation of young warriors, much more respected and vibrant that my era shipping to Vietnam. Although war is brutal, service of one's country is admirable, necessary and selfless.

Ethan plans to be a Calvary Scout, first in and last out in many circumstances. He has a kind heart to go along with the large, strong body. Most important he has a good mind with an imagination of the best screen writers he so much loves to follow. His new experiences will not be a movie, but reality. His months in training will help Ethan expand his world to include all those from different segments of society, the regions of the U. S. he has not explored and help him learn from those he meets.He is ready and appears to be eager for the experience. All young men need an adventure and this is His.

My ten years of life with Ethan has been more than eventful. I must admit I will miss the "little" boy who ran through our kitchen after his 2ND. football practice in the 5Th. Grade. Mad as hell at his coach for yelling at him and he was never to grace the football field again. Needles to say, His mother returned him the next day and Ethan did complete every season he started. Mother lessons are always the best.

As much as I complained about the Bumper music from his truck, the late night or early morning arrivals, his disaster of a room and other things I should not mention, He will be missed. His heart is always in the right place, He loves my Dog (important)and does think of others. I, Like his Mom, hope the Army creates a good soldier but never hardens that heart.

We look forward to watching his progress into the "real" world. I have a feeling he will not look back and will create his own future. But he had better not try to arm wrestle me in the future for I can still take him. You know, old men never give up and wrinkles are stronger than muscles.

Best of Luck Man!

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