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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yep, We finally hit the iceberg!

Several times a year, I am increasingly convinced that the picture above is the reason we need to be full time in the Admiral. Snow began last evening at 7 pm. and continued through the evening. Now I must admit, we did enjoyed the hot tub during the snow fall, all is beautiful and toasty. However, the aftermath of another snow leaves me longing for the beach in Destin, mountains in the northwest and out adventures at Land Between the Lakes.
Since my office is located in my home, I spend a great deal of time in the home. Now, normally I am out 50% of the time on property inspections. But during these snow days, most normal people do not want the appraiser slogging through their home or business. Therefore, Bailey (dog) and I spend a greater percentage of our day or days in the home. Now, I have the required vegetable soup in the pot, dog asleep at my feet and a pot of coffee. But, I am a social animal and need some human interaction. Not that I am in a cave, but sunlight and the freedom to move about is part of my DNA.
Therefore, I tend to bore all of my readers with my whining. Sorry.
Our plans to be full time in the Admiral are encouraged by the winter weather. I suppose I could invest some of this time in my research for the plan to accomplish the transition into vagabonds. That will be a topic for another post.
For the moment, we are basking in the white snow of the Kentucky weather. Enjoying the imposed solitude, hopefully brief. While we are housebound, I would suggest all of you view the following web site to follow Katie Spotz, rowing solo across the Atlantic Katie will be the youngest to row unassisted across the Atlantic. She is posting from sea and will keep you interested. \
Happy Trails All.

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