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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Soft days are hard to explain. Writing in bold best represents the splash of awareness in discovering such days. Many years of my life were spent making money, paying bills, raising children and feeding my ego. Recent days have changed, looking for "soft" days.

Mortality raises its head as those younger die from unexpected circumstances. Not the mad husband shooting the victim as he exits his lovers bedroom. Just the effects of life, with unexpected consequences. If only we all had a view to the future and rear view mirror to the past.

Soft days tend to present themselves in reverse. End of the day you discover sunset has become sunrise and you remember the day. Relish is a better description. We rarely relish a day unless it is marrying, birthing or graduating. Oh how relishing everyday could bring our lives to top of the mountain. I challenge you to find those "soft" days in your life. They will surprise you.

My soft day removes myself, shines on others and reminds me I am not important. Feeling the landing of Canadian geese on the water, the swish of the eagles above and the dragging of myself at end of the dog leash. You could miss these days if not careful. Fresh coffee, warm dog, sunrise and sounds of the world around you. The soft days treat all with respect. They only ask that you enjoy the day and pass this joy along to others. We do not need a movie, phone or ipod to experience a soft day.

Take a walk, sit and look at the clouds, feel the wind and think about enjoying the day. Enjoy the "soft" days knowing they are few.

Think about the new characters you contact each day, if lucky. Today I met a ex marine, Vietnam Vet., a pastry chef, nuclear instrument tech., retired couple waiting for a hip replacement, two Labrador Retrievers, and revisited my wife. Now, that is a "soft" day. Someday I will remember to bring a camera. However, I can lie about them without pictures.

I remind you all. Revisit you jewelry box for new adventures looking for a great story. That "soft" day will visit you. Just beware. You will become addicted to the day and spend the remaining days of your life trying to add to the collection.

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