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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sleeping single in a Double Drawer

Sleeping Single in a Double Drawer.

Twins, no one closer than two from the same fold, same bolt of cloth, knitted together, woven in time.

We lived each day together, curled up. Stretching along the covers on Sunday morning. Sharing the cold, wood floors, keeping each other warm as a pair, or twins should. Weeks spent together bonds twins as no other pair. We shared the dark days, and nights. Hot summers covering untold miles along our daily journeys.

As our days, weeks, months passed, we took all our time together for granted. We really never knew any pain, only closeness, even in our darkest time. The wear of every day life, sometimes grounded together, other times lying side by side across the floor.
Unlike others who are close, we were really inseparable. We learned to enjoy our quite time, folded together; our existence together was all we truly needed. We never dared to envision our separation.

It happened so quietly, seems like a fog overtook our time together. Only to lift, revealing our loss. Where o where did you go? We have known such happy times together, working, playing and quiet. We shared our warm baths, knowing that feeling being dry, clean, folded together, resting until our next day of adventure.

I am pained to remember that moment of loss. We enjoyed an active day together, always partners, work and play. Looking forward to our baths and warmth while being fluffed.
I dare not try to explain the moment when I realized I was alone. I do remember being entwined in a large, warm towel, enjoying the fragrance of Downey. Taking for granted that we would soon be reunited.

Lost is the only word that describes the realization of our separation. Laying alone on the bed we usually share, being gathered up, like a single sock, bundled up with strangers. Tied together as odd socks. I lay here still, lonely, wondering what became of my twin.
Every so often we are released and the effort is made to match our lonely soles. Alas, I remain unmatched, toe and heel, but sleeping single in the dark, double drawer.

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