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Monday, November 30, 2009

Admiral in Dry Dock

It is disheartening to see our beloved Admiral tied to the dock awaiting the next voyage. After having spent many weekends and two multi-week voyages in the Admiral, being in dry dock is not an enjoyable experience. I am beginning to understand the reluctance of sailors pulling into shore for an extended stay.

We have sailed the Admiral over 13,000 miles in our first year aboard. Having experienced a number of minor mechanical failures and challenges, we have come to the conclusion that the end of the new ownership period is ending. We can only hope that our next season of voyages is less fraught with troubles. Do not interpret this to be unhappiness with the Admiral. On the contrary we have enjoyed the last year of travels more than other years. We have experienced the same debugging experience that many experienced Rubber Rats explained to us.

The winter months we rent a good quality storage facility for the Admiral with all the comforts. Electrical power, heat, auto door and insulation. We keep the coach fully stocked with propane, gasoline, food and clothing. All we need to start a trip is the infamous phrase, "start your engine". We do not winterize the coach so we may travel during the winter months even a short distance. Weekend trips to Nashville, Lake Barkley, Paris Landing and other Tennessee locations beckon us. Just this week I felt the compulsion to visit the Admiral in dry dock to start the engine and talk to the Admiral about forth coming trips. All seemed well received.

Reading other blogs about winter travel destinations just adds salt to our wounds. Key West, Nevada, Arizona are only dreams displayed on the flat screens of the Admiral. Our winter voyages result in 15 degree weather, frozen water lines and early morning walks with the dogs. However, this is superior to the home front. Discovering nearby winter sites has been a challenge, but with the help of many web sites, we have discovered new potential adventures.

Here awaits our Admiral. Fueled, tuned, stocked and ready for a voyage at a moments notice. Look for us on the high highways of the continent.

Happy Sailing.

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