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Sunday, March 8, 2015


In a previous post I outlined the Galley Refit.  Well due to the lovely weather we have experience along the shores of Lake Barkley, things have slowed.  However, progress has been made and the project continues.  I say this at the risk that parts of the
project have changed. 

A pleasant view during the Summer Season 
Snowy and COLD view during February 2014.  Enough Said!  Let's hope this is gone and Spring has arrived.

The original plan called for removal of the existing countertop and construction of the hard surface top.  However, after several consultations(in KY that is talks) with 2 contractors, the risk of damage to the existing cabinet(teak) has altered my plan. I made the executive decision to keep the existing countertop and cook top range. This will not result in damaging the cabinets. 
I have removed the existing appliances, microwave and old ice maker.  In this effort I did discover two (2) 110 volt plugs behind the microwave which was for the ice maker and microwave.  It is good to know these can be available for later uses.  This effort created a large amount of storage space which we badly need.  Long range cruises require dry good storage and most trawlers of our vintage, 1985, lack such space. 

The revised plan with a little modification, to install louvre cabinet doors with possibly an additional shelf in the larger cabinet.  This does require some modification of the opening but my limited skills can complete this requirement. As previously written, the new microwave will be installed in a box toward the bow.

Spring Cruise Plan:
As has become the custom in recent Springs, I will be "the Captain" of a cruise with good friends.  Spring break for my friends is 2nd week of April and we typically cruise up river the Tennessee River.  This Spring my crew will join me at Clifton, TN for cruising "new" water. It is a journey of spring break out, seeing teenage boys change to young men and keeps the Captain fresh.  

The purpose of the "new" water sail plan is to introduce the crew to the wonders of transiting a Corp. of Engineer's Lock. We will lock up the Pickwick Dam to Pickwick Lake and later transit the Wilson Lock, a 93 ft. lift to Wilson Lake. This lock is the highest lift East of the Mississippi River.    As much travel occurs on the Tennessee River, very few people get to experience locking through a dam .

The journey will take most of 2 weeks and is never long enough. We continue to make plans for sailing South to Florida and beyond and prepare 0 Regrets for the journey.  Better come along with us to enjoy the adventure. 

Happy Sailing,

Adm. Denise, Capt Barry, Deckhands Bailey and Bella  

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