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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


During this vacation on an island, Manasota Key, Florida certain realities have presented themselves.  YUCK.  While I think of myself as a realist I enjoy the wandering imagination fostered by my dear mother.  Reading those wonderful mysteries as a boy continues to bring me much joy.  I find that while on this island, each visit, I imagine writing stories, books and hoping for that allusive moment when I am propelled along with my imagination.  I have been guilty of being "full of shit" and I am starting to enjoy that handle.

Above is the Lock & Key Bar
Scene of UK Victory
Some of the changes I noticed on this island trip do not have anything to do with the island but with my experience here on this latest visit.  We have ventured to Manasota Key for about 10 visits over the years, with and without children in tow.  While walking the beach today I began listing some changes;

10 years ago:                                                     Today: 
 towels, flip flops, kid stuff                                  umbrella,beer,chairs, bag,sunscreen
 three boys                                                         beach bag, cell phone

running on beach, splashing                              sitting in chairs under umbrella, beer, doing 
water, fishing till dark                                          beach shuffle(shell hunting)

digging for sand fleas, falling off                          cereal, coffee breakfast, work on laptop, 
skimeboards, fishing till dark,                              quiet walk on beach, miss our dogs,
eating anything.

Well you might get the idea.  Age does seem to change the island routine.  Not really a bad thing just a realization of mine on this island visit. 

I do seem to give the island time more appreciation.  During my earlier life the work load was so great it took a week to relax.  Now that my schedule is more sedate, I enjoy each day here without the dread of returning to a grind. 

View from the beach our first evening.  We do expect this all week. Beats snow and 0 degrees recently experienced in Kentucky.

We are staying in new digs for us. We typically rent a condo for the stay but during the high season rentals are limited.  However, we lucked into this duplex cottage and have a great and private beach access.  More than enough room for a couple and within walking distance of many island activities. 

Well our arduous activities with continue tomorrow. Quietly enjoying the island life prior to sailing aboard 0 Regrets. We have scoped out a local marina for our visit aboard and plan a stay here in coming years. 

Happy sailing,

Adm. Denise, Capt Barry, Deckhands Bailey and Bella


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