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Saturday, November 9, 2013


We leave our good friend Doc at Goose Pond Marina and cruise toward Chattanooga.  Doc advised us to anchor at Little Cedar Mountain with a beautiful anchorage well protected from channel wakes and wind.  We transited the lock at Nickajack to find our anchorage just before dark. Doc was right on with the suggestion. We had some time prior to dark and enjoyed the sunset.  We did find several hawks soaring in the area but no eagles.  We planned to push up the Tennessee River Gorge the next day but taking our time.  The trip up the gorge is about 32 miles to Chattanooga. 

I had promised Denise she would enjoy this portion of the river with deep pools, swirling water and more color.  We were not disappointed.  Leaving the anchorage we cruised at a slow pace at about 5-6 mph wanting to enjoy the gorge. We were not to be disappointed.  We approached our first bluffs in the gorge in awe of the color and height of the bluffs. We found the bridges to be inspiring with the mountains.

We pushed up slowly wanting to enjoy the cruise.  This double bridge inspired Denise with the length and size across the river. We continue upriver and found a beautiful and unique school located along the shore.  The Baylor School is a prep school for those with $$$ and desiring a worldly education. It seems the annual tuition is $40,000 and that is only for high school.  Near this site was a heavy industrial area with scrap metals being loaded on barges. Quite a contrast with the serene view of this exclusive school.

I chose not to include the scrap metal operation so that the beauty of the cruise would not be interrupted.  We were picking up more current against 0 Regrets as we neared the Chattanooga area.  As we neared the marina we encountered our old friends aboard the Nine and Pinta Columbus ships.  As many of you will remember, I served as crew for 6 weeks, 3 years ago almost to the day. So, we cruised up to the ships, gave a blast of the horn and planned to visit while in port.

We docked up stream of the Nina and Pinta along the floating docks just below the Chattanooga Aquarium.  We had visited the aquarium in a land visit, but recommend to all the unique aquarium and please visit when in the area.  We docked and rested the evening, meeting a number of other cruisers along the docks.  We ventured to the Nina the next day seeing Kathy, the cruise organizer and former crew mate of mine. 

Kathy has been aboard over 4 years and seems to enjoy the life. We managed to meet a couple other crew members but decided to let them work and we needed the time to enjoy our stay in Chattanooga.  Venture we did. 
More details in the next post.  Happy sailing all,
Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise, deckhands Bailey and Bella.

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