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Sunday, November 10, 2013


The fall cruise of the 0 Regrets continues in the port city of Chattanooga, TN.  We arrive through the beautiful Tennessee River Gorge with a 32 mile cruise through some of the best and most scenic water along the river. 
Signal Mountain above is a warming site along the river as we approached Chattanooga.  The water is swift, clear and all around are new views.  We spied this old, stationary riverboat which appears to be home to someone.  It having seen better days.

Approaching Chattanooga we viewed the aquarium with our future dockage just past the Nina, Pinta and local cruise boat.

The view above gives a good impression of the wonderful waterfront offered by this city.  Dockage is good and within walking distance to many of the fun and educational features of this city.  Seems unusual to see a 15th. century ship docked along a modern tour vessel. 

This is the view from the wonderful pedestrian bridge across the river.  The city should be complimented for saving this bridge. Seems the bridge was to be demolished, removed and lost.  Being constructed in 1910 the bridge could no longer handle vehicle traffic. The decking was removed and new, wood decking with raised walks and 19th. century lighting was installed. This permits pedestrians to walk, bike and jog across to the North Shore.  Our boat is the second in the picture, seems small next to 55 ft. trawler.  The docks are locked and lighted for walks to the city. 

The above pic is a view of the pedestrian bridge.  A must walk during a stay in Chattanooga.  See the stores and restaurants on the North Shore.  The Hunter Museum is right next door and offers many sculptures which are playful.

Now this is a high 5 with a beautiful DOG.  Since we have 2 dogs for deckhands, Denise always carries the appropriate "doggie" bags to pick up.  

    I know you do not want to see the old man, but I am Denise's security and arm candy!  See our little 0 Regrets behind us, yep the small boat just over Denise.  Our hike continued along the North Shore.  You just never know what you will encounter.

Denise found a restored Chev. El Camino named after her. Seems it advertises a local Mexican restaurant and just fit our explorations. 
Well, more to come on the Chattanooga adventure. So "fair warning"!!  We will see you on the river.
Happy sailing,
Capt Barry, Adm. Denise, Deckhands Bailey and Bella 

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