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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goose Pond Reunion

Sailing from Decatur making our way up river to Goose Pond Marina.  Our good friend and fellow River Rat, Dr. Brad aka "doc" is waiting for our arrival and reunion.  We met Doc 3 years ago and have documented our meeting in a previous blog post. 

Doc is a free spirit.  He described his adventure as starting in 2010 when he "quit" work and decided to travel along the rivers.  At this time Doc has logged over 4,000 river miles in his 27 ft. Albin Cruiser.  He lives in 110 SF, alone and in warm weather takes river baths.  His motto is `"do not waste poverty" which I asked him to explain. He added, "well I live on about $1,300 per month and as far as I am concerned I am not "wasting" poverty."  My kind of guy.  I do not think I could be as solitudal as Doc but he is an inspiration.  He has health problems and limited income but challenges life.  He mentioned his next adventure  may be hiking the Apalachian Trail.  Go Doc!

We invited Doc to diner and drinks at the Goose Pond Restaurant.  Great food and fun. They included a 2 piece bank which were good and played all the old, country tunes we enjoy. 

We continued the next day with a bit hung over crew.  Doc invited us to return to buy him food and wine.  What a guy! 

Just prior to entering the secondary channel to Goose Pond Marina we spied these beautifal bald eagles just waiting for their photos.  They are magnificant birds and many occupy the Tennessee River Gorge.  Denise only wished she had packed the 400mm lense.  But a good pic was made and memories. 

 The above pictures are the Guntersville Lock permitting our exist.  We are getting better at the locking experience.  The locking does depend a great deal on the cooperation of the lockmaster.  The above pic is the Painted Bluff which does not do justice to the colors and granduer of the bluff.

More pics and great view to come.  We are enjoying the adventure and river rats fits us. 

Happy sailing,
Capt Barry, Adm. Denise and Deckhands Bailey and Bella

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