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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

River Excursion Trawler Style

October 5, 2013

As evident in the above photo, the intrepid explores, Bailey and Bella along with their guides, Capt Barry and 1st. Mate Lloyd began their journey up the Tennessee River in quest of answers to all world problems, life meaning and enjoying fruits of their labor.  REALLY?  However, this did require 278 gal. of diesel fuel, a full medicinal locker(booze) and coin of the realm prior to casting off to the new world.

As predicted the journey began mid afternoon, -6GMT.; as the bow turned south after exiting the Barkley-Kentucky Lake canal.  Due to the predicted heavy weather that evening the decision was made to cruise up river about 20 miles to shorten the cruise the next day to Pebble Isle Marina at New Johnsonville, TN.  While the day was overcast the temp was comfortable and the crew was anxious to start the four state cruise. 

Deckhands Bailey and Bella are accustomed to cruising aboard 0 Regrets as they endured a portion of this journey in a prior year.  However, we are joined by 1st. Mate Lloyd in his first trawler cruise.  It seems Lloyd has a checkered past.  Lloyd is originally from Indiana I am want to admit but years in Kentucky, with toes in bluegrass and brown liquid coursing through his veins, he can claim Kentucky as home.  Lloyd's past included a tour of Vietnam as an artillery officer in II Corp.  Like many he attended Indiana University prior to the war and later completed law school. I know I am on board with a Hoosier Lawyer!  After a number of years Lloyd now cruises by land between Lexington, Middlesboro and Madisonville,KY. representing questionable characters in is law practice.  I do believe this cruise is an attempt to flee court orders and maybe a short term in the witness protection program.  Lloyd will not commit to an answer, typical of a lawyer.

Hence, we are heading south along the famous Tennessee River with nothing good in mind, on the lookout for any booty(gold, trinkets, flotsam, etc) we may encounter.  We managed to successfully by cruising under the Egdner Ferry Bridge with mishap(struck many ships) and docked for the evening at Kenlake Marina, Aurora, KY. Here we encountered no pirates or wenches, just a small marina.
October 6, 2013,

The ships bell range at 0700 hrs. to raise the crew in preparation for the days journey.  While Capt. and crew planned a sumptuous breakfast at the marina restaurant, the restaurant staff did not show.  It was rumored that they though this was "off season".  Well, not aboard 0 Regrets!  A brief breakfast of hard bisque and fetid water, once again the lines were cast.  With a heading south at 172 deg. the intrepid 0 Regrets pushed water across the bow for a 50 mile journey to the Pebble Isle Marina.

Pebble Isle is popular with the Great Loop Cruisers due to the location about 72 miles from Green Turtle Bay Marina(our home port).  October is the busy month with transient boats heading up river to Chattanooga, Yellow Creek, and the Tenn-Tom Waterway to Mobile, AL.  This is an exciting time for boaters like myself to meet with many "Loopers" as they are called, cruising their way around the eastern 1/3 of the U.S. The boats are as varied as their crews. 

Our stop at Pebble Isle found the transient dock near capacity with Loopers.  We wedged ourselves into the tag end of the dock in hopes of the famous chicken diner provided by the marina.   We were greeted by several loopers, enjoyed compliments on our 0 Regrets trawler and met folks from Montreal, Saint John New Brunswick and a Michigan cruiser.  It seems the world remains small. The captain of Irish Wake is a neighbor to the tour guide we enjoyed in a tour of Saint John.  Only a few of these folks could pass a breathalyzer test, so we journey to the restaurant for that chicken diner.  Tomorrow morning promises bright weather and the famous sticky buns for all boaters courtesy of the marina.  Hospitality along the river is a fresh pleasure for many who journey these waters.  Sticky buns are just a warm up to a fine, fall day on the water.

Happy Sailing,
Capt. Barry, Mate Lloyd, Deckhands Bailey and Bella


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