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Friday, September 20, 2013

Que'bec the Old City

We have reached the final port of our journey aboard Explorer of the Seas.  Quebec City.  We followed the St. Lawrence River after passing the strait between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, cruising down to Quebec City.  We experienced strong headwinds with 3-5 ft. seas.  The above picture is the route of our cruise, just following the arrows along the map to our ports. This may help understand the area of the cruise, the Canadian Maritime. 
 The above pic is the panoramic view from our roof top deck. We rented a loft condo in the midst of Old Quebec City.  Every direction we see the old city as well as the river and more modern portion of Quebec.  We have experienced a wonderful city, small by many standards. After docking we departed the ship a day early to enjoy our condo rental.  If you are staying a few days, this is the most comfortable and affordable digs. We can walk to any attraction of the Old City, food, pubs(of course), grocery, pharmacy, etc. 
This is the view of our building from Rue St. Jean.  The first floor includes a pharmacy.  We have secured entry to the building and all the amenities. We would suggest you plan a visit to this city by next Springs or Summer. Many fly to Montreal or Toronto and take a train to Quebec City.  This is a wonderful city for a 3-5 day stay.  If you have the time, plan the cruise, 11 nights of fun and exploring.

Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral
As with most pics of a large church, my photo is not sufficient to depict the grandeur and beauty of this church.  The cathedral was built in early 1600's, destroyed twice by fire and rebuilt on same foundation.  The City of Quebec offers many churches of different  seems around every corner.
The view above is from the Parc Montmorency with a great view of our ship.  The stroll down to the waterfront is along cobble stone streets with any number of small stores and outdoor cafes.   A European feel greets you at every corner is this beautiful city. 

After strolling down, now you must stroll up to the Chateau Frontenac.  This hotel is massive adjacent to the
Citadelle, a fort protecting the City of Quebec from invasion.  The Old City is a walled city with remaining fortifications, cannon, barracks and a wonderful history

The above shot gives a view of the walled city as well as a view of more modern structures located outside the wall. You can stroll along the wall with many opportunities to walk to other portions of the city.  This is a walking city, no need to take cabs or buses unless planning a longer tour or a wider view of the area.  The Old City will entertain you for many days. 

It seems school has closed for the day, at about 4:30 pm. as the local students find time to visit the wall, smoke and just hang out. 

Our time in Quebec City is coming to a close. We fly out tomorrow, but we bring many memories with us.  I do think we may visit this city again. 

Happy Sailing,
Denise and Barry

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