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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pickwick Lake Stop

We are docked at Grand Harbour Marina at Yellow Creek which is the entrance to the Tenn-Tomm Waterway. The Tenn=Tom is the wateway to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. We arrive here late afternoon 10/3/2012 after about 9 hrs. on the river. Picwick Dam is huge with high volume of water discharge creating a strong current down river. We were cruising at 7 mph. but current slowed us to 4.5 mph. We encountered a past acquaintenance at Grand Harbour. I looked across the harbor to another pier and saw a Albin 27 express. The last one I saw was at Paris Landing Marina last September. A tall fellow was at the end of the pier, I hailed him asking for the boat owner and he volunteer it was his boat. "Doc" is the same character we encounted at Paris landing.
The best thing about Doc is his sense of humor. His boat card indicated he was a PHD, hence Doc and his motto is "do not waster poverty". He wolunteered he is always broke living aboard his Albin for the past 2 years. But he is traveling south for the winter aboard the Albin and will continue to unknown locations. We toured the boat and it includes the stern cabine, small galley and a forward cabine with a head. While the boat is small, the living is easy and traveling economically burning only .6 gal. per hour. We finally installed an ensign at the transom making our coast guard registration official. We may fly a UK flag if we can locate and put it
igh on the Mast.

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