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Saturday, October 6, 2012


We have opted to stay one more eveing at Grand Harbor Marina due to cold temps and cloudy, rainy conditions today. We will push up river tomorrow to Florence, AL. marina.
View ..Tennessee River Cruise in a larger map Sailors we meet along the way create our new "characters" we remember along the river. We met yesterday and this AM "McGee". McGee is the nickname of a trawler sailor who has retired young as a commercial pilot for several airlines. He lives aboard a 40 ft. trawler and travels where the water takes him. We may follow him to Florence, AL. tomorrow before our coming about and heading down river to Green Turtle Bay. We do not know exactly where to stop but most likely Clifton, TN. which was fun and I owe Gene, the owner a good drink of Woodford Reserve.
The above boat is a 200 mph fast boat. BUT it ran out of fuel at our dock. It burns high octane gas, meaning Av Gas like a plane. They waited 2 hrs. for a 50 ga. barrell to be delivered to fuel. They finally left hoping to make it back to their dock. Not a fun situations. The boat had 2,700 hr. power.
The above boat is surely unique. The captain said he started at St. Paul, MN. and is heading to the gulf. Now this is a 18 ft. Starcraft boat with a small inboard/outboard, a cutter cabin and only a small inverter for heat/cooking. A long ride with a very small boat. He seemed very happy and was planning to anchor to night at 45 deg. evening with better temps tomorrow. This just proves you can do the loop in about any boat. However, Denise did not volunteer to tag along. I do not know what the ladder on the transom is for. Maybe boarding much LARGER boats. Like all boaters we use a chart writer to guide our way. So, what does a chart look like in a lock. See below:
Lastly, we locked up thru Pickwick Lock and this is the view of our boat in the lock. Just a bit disconcerting knowing you are located inside the chamber with no way out. Only about a 45 ft. lift to the lake. Happy sailing, Admr. Denise, Capn. Barry, Sailors Bailey and Bella.

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