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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Our 4th day on this journey has proven to be the best thus far. The day dawned with low fog along the water, 40 plus degrees but the sun was rising over the hills lighting river for a new day.,-88.077393&spn=2.676855,5.72937
We began our day at Pebble Creek Marina in New Johnsonville, Tn. in light fog but a warm day on the water. We plan to cruise up river to Clifton, TN. on our way to Picwick Lake and Grand Harbor marina. Our cruise today was eventful and a learning experience. The river began with low lands, huge wildlife revervations and changed to limestone bluffs lined to large and small homes. Cyprus trees lined the river linking Kentucky to low lands in Tennessee.
We met numerouse tow boats with large barges in towe. Now, I got a good education listing to these captains on their commercial vhf channel. Of course we found a huge tow boat in our path about 4 miles prior to the stop and Clifton Marina. Now, tow boats cruise at about 4-5 mph. while we cruise at about 7 mph. So, passing a 1,500 ft. tow boat does take a couple of miles. I had to hammer down the "0Regrets" to 8 mph to pass the tow prior to our marina. I know the captainn was amazed at the speed of this trawler. He even moved over so I did not push him out of the river. RIGHT. Due to the patience of this captain, we docked at Clifton Marina being greeted by several new friends helping us dock, cooked our meal and shared a bottle of wine. We cruised 64 miles today which took 8.5 hrs. along a beautiful river. The slow travel permits us to enjoy the river scenes, weather and each other. The dogs even enjoyed the trip, yes they said they did. Tommorow is a full day ending above Pickwik Dam at Grand Harbor marina. We may stay at the marina 2 days to clean boat and just rest up. The journey continues, Happy sailing, Adr. Denise, Captn. Barry, Deck Hands, Bella and Bailey

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