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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nashvegas New Years

Cruising the Cumberland River, December 31, 2011.  Now where can you beat the view and
 weather?  We plan to bring the "0 Regrets" down the Cumberland to Nashville in Spring of 2012 for a 200 mile cruise.  We have friends in the area to dock our boat and can dock at the Riverfront Park across river from Titan Stadium.  It is an easy walk from dock to downtown Nashville.  This will be our first long cruise since boarding the 0 Regrets.  A cruise from Green Turtle Bay Marina to Nashville is 160 miles.  That is 20 hrs. of cruising time for the trawler.  We plan to cruise to Old Hickory Lake to visit new boat friends and then return to Green Turtle after 3 more days on the river.  At 8 miles per your, time is slow, but the scenes stay with you.

The above Bridge is part of the greenway called Shelley Bottoms.  The above view is of the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River.  We hiked only a portion of the greenway which is over 16 miles round trip.   Beautiful park to walk, jog, bike, skate and enjoy the river.  All cities should use greenways to enhance the free joys of living.  We will cruise under this bridge during our Nashvegas Adventure. 

The Nashville area includes a number of greenway trails and these are available on the city web site.  Bring the children, dogs and bikes to enjoy the views and exercise along the trails.  During summer months the Shellby Greenway can be access via the Twin Rivers Water Park so you can cool off after a hike. 

LAST THOUGHT:  Just reading the 1,000 marble story.  I only have 676 marbles left if I live to be 75.  I hope to use each Saturday for my marbles without waste.  If you have not read the 1,000 marble fable, search Google and read.  It does make one think about our time on earth.  I spent a marble today with my wonderful Denise, played with wonderful dogs, hiked the above greenway  and met several new friends who enjoy the world of travel.  Beats being clued to television watching football all day.  I did enjoy a few of those "football" beers. 

Happy sailing,

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella


  1. Sounds like a great trip planned. Take lots of photos and enjoy.....

  2. The Cumberland River looks like a great place to be.
    Happy Wanderings, Penny, TX