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Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Thought

I suppose we all want our voice heard periodically.  I am no exception.  In fact I would to so far as to say I am a bit talkative.  Hummmm!!  Why do I feel multitude agreeing with me.  In response to my new found realization I like to talk, I though I should aways have the last thought when posting on this blog. 

For a beginning of the Last Thought I am musing about some of my particulars, quirks, habits and those things we and I cannot explain.  This may start with my lack of preference as to what I drink my milk from, ie. plastic or glass vessel.  Now, I do not drink from the plastic jug we now receive our milk.  But I do not have a care if the drinking container is plastic, glass or even wooden.  Just let me have my milk relatively clot free and little sour smell and I am good.  However, I do prefer my wine from a glass, but in a pinch, I really do not care.

I tend to be a bit particular about traveling in our motorhome.  I truly detest arriving to an unknown camp area in darkness.  This may stem from an early trip in our travels where we arrived at Paris Landing State Park and narrowly missed an over hanging power line.  Stumbling around in the dark is best left for when I have consumed too much wine.

I prefer my morning time.  My early morning coffee, after taking care of dog necessaries, is most important. I like my small breakfast and preferably at a local coffee spot for a little conversation.  Since I work much from home I like some outside visiting.  Imagine that.  I used to insist on my cappuccino but due to health concerns and waist line I am swearing off of the daily habit. 

I have asked the faithful wife for her input to my particular habits and annoying characteristics, but she has demurred for the moment.  She did say something about "requiring some thought". 

We are currently in Nashville, TN. more commonly known as "Nashvegas".  An extended weekend trip after all the holiday festivities and quiet time welcomed.  We did venture to the Zac Brown concert last evening and we can recommend the Patron Club for dinner and drinks and take in Zac in concert anytime you have the opportunity.  A great two hour show.  

We hope to see you all on the road or water. 

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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