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Friday, January 13, 2012

Boat Winter & Yacht Club Bar

Wintering aboard the "0 Regrets" poses many challenges.  While our little boat is more than comfortable, she must have water, and electric to be functional.

We are mostly camping on our little Albin.  While we have a covered dock, electrical service and all the amenities of Green Turtle Bay Marina, we do not have all the comforts of home.  The Commonwealth Yacht Club is closed till sometime in February, our typical gathering point for winter boaters.  However, the marina is inhabited with about 12 full time live aboard friends.  The hearty souls at Green Turtle Bay live aboard sailboats and trawlers.  Imagine living aboard a 31 ft. sailboat throughout the winter months.  Some of our friends live aboard trawlers and other style of boats.  The most elegant is a 97 ft. houseboat.  Lots of distance and space between 31 ft. and 97 ft. 

Our winter inhabitants batten down the hatches, cover the cockpit with canvas and keep winds out.  Water is not available at the marina, so some winter inhabitants are docked at the transient dock for access to working showers,  laundry and potable water.  These thoughts bring me to the yacht club bar scene.

Now I would not imply the yacht club bar offers any alien beings.  Just that the wide variety of characters seems to mirror the wide variety of characters presented above.  We have the 80 yr. old striper.  She is referred to this by better acquaintances than I after an appearance at a party with silver sequined dress well above knee length.     She is the life of the party, even at 80.  We have one patron who presents a case of beer each visit to be placed in an ice filled bucket for ease of consumption.  This partron is well known to inhabit the yacht club and any boat willing to provide a drinking spot.  Sounds like a typical sailor to me. 

We progress to the well dressed couple down the bar.  The female companion easily announced to all in attendance that he is her "Boy Toy".  Of course, he announced that they are not married.  He proudly proclaimed he knew that if you marry, the woman is paralyzed below the waist and he had paralyzed two women already.  I can only assume he is very confident.  Another patron is a former state prison wardon who has some great stories.  One of my favorite is a boat captain living aboard a boat similar to ours who makes part of this income from scuba diving to clean boat bottoms.  He is a former Vietnam pilot flying the famous "Snoppy" over dogpatch.  He is suspicion to be a pimp for the 80 yr. old stripper.  Hymmmm!

We must talk about the "Captains"  stationed at the marina.  Not many marinas have multiple boat captains. We have Capt. Jerry and Capt. Bill and must not forget Capt. Norm.  Capt. Norm know to pilot the "Miss Poo" boat as he pumps the holding thanks of uncountable boats during the year.  His best request is that one year he would like to not get "shit faced".  A modest request. 

Also part of the establishment is the local "yacht" broker Ms. Vebbie.  This young woman sells several million $$ of boats each year and her best description of each boat is "it's a pretty boat".  Go figure. That should make all potential buyers comfortable.  While Vebbie would not lie she does like all boats.  All should ask her about skinny dipping at midnight in Duncan Bay.  Hummmmm.  No pictures here. 

Back to the bar.  We have an unusual member who has the experience of being the Warden of the State Penitentiary on Lake Barkley.  Imagine, all the years keeping dangerous criminals imprisoned along the scenic banks of Lake Barkley, watching the scantily clad young women cruising the waters in front of their prison. Now that is HELL!  However, he does not seem in the least disturbed by this fact. 

Let us not forget the marina owners.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill have owned the marina for 24 yrs.  However, I am sure they have made at least 4 friends during this period.  Maybe it is normal for tenants to harbor negative feels for their the landlords.  But, after a few conversations in the Bar, it is apparent the owner attitude is somewhat like Darth Vader.  I can only hope, "may the force be with you" to my fellow tenants.  Do not forget, we have "free" water and cable.

The characters at the yacht club will evolve in the next season.  I am looking forward to meeting any of the
"aliens" descending on our little bar.  Fortunately, after an evening of drink and song we all can float to our respective boats.  I am told that in the summer several "dingy" races are planned.  See you there.

Barry, Denise, Bella and Bailey

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