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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Days to the Splash

We are preparing to depart Morris, PA after a good visit with family.  The Back to the Roots tour was a success and more Roots than on can count.  Certainly for a Non-Root.  The country side around Morris, PA and surrounding towns reminds use of Eastern Kentucky except cleaner and all the taverns serve local beer and on Sunday.  No lack of the brew here.

The plan is made for voyage up into New York with a stay near Saratoga Springs, NY before the final leg of the journey to Lake Champlain and the trawler.  We are increasingly excited, maybe just me, about the voyage of the trawler which I am sure we will name upon casting off.  However, Minnow is not an option.  The natives are friendly although they speak a different dialect.  I do not anticipate press at our splash of the trawler, but a warm welcome would be great. 

If the tour of Lake Champlain is successful, we may cancel plans at Apple Island RV Resort on S. Hero Island and take the ferry across lake to New York.  Lake Placid looks like our next location after the trawler voyage.  I did not bring my snow skies but the weather is just too warm.   The kayaks can float the lake and rivers exploring new waters. 

See you on the road or water;

Denise, Barry, Bailey and Bella

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