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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saratoga Springs, New York

View Larger MapWell, New York welcomed us with poor directions  to a mystery campground.  After driving straight through the middle of Saratoga, dodging cars, pedestrians and narrow streets we discovered campground person gave us misleading directions.  OOPS!  Well we turned the Phaeton around and make a call to another campground and departed the interior of Saratoga.  We are located at the Saratoga RV Park.  I was not confident in the management when asked for a pull thru site.  She indicated she did not know if the site was vacant but if not just come back and she would find a "spot". I suppose she has not driven a motorhome and tow vehicle measuring 60 ft. in length.  Turning around can be a PROBLEM.  But luckily the site was vacant and easily accessed.  Heart warming after our foray to the interior of Saratoga Springs.  Quaint looking town and we would enjoy a walk through the town.  But the big splash awaits tomorrow. 

The above pic is the actual trawler we have chartered.  She has a wooden hull but interior looks good and my perch on the fly bridge is spoken for.  I am the Captain but of course Denise is the Admiral????  We arrive today, Tuesday to provision the boat for our cruise.  Move over Samuel De Champlain, we are following in your tracks.  Fortunately the Huron and Iroquois REMAIN friendly.  Skipper and Ginger will sail soon.  Alas, we were forced to leave Gilligan in the nursing home for they had a Wee tournament today.  His sea legs are not what they once were. 

As demanded by our 12 followers, we will continue to post our journey progress with as much boring detail as permitted.  Pirates are now known to frequent the waters of Lake Champlain but I do understand they have a lake monster "Champ".  We will give it a pat for all.

See you on the water soon,

Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella

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