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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the Hook

We are currently "on the Hook" at Kingsland Bay on Lake Champlain.  Day one of the cruise was eventful.  We happily cruised 33 miles north on the lake in 20=30 knot winds but the happy Turtle handled the wind and waves well.  Alas, at near our evening anchorage we lost the Bimini canvas on the fly bridge.  We managed to sale the sail but I did a 3 point landing with the Bimini in hand.  Flying into a sheltered bay we did manage to drop the hook and secure the Bimini.  It will not see service until our stop tomorrow at
Burlington Boat House docks.  But not all was lost.

We enjoyed a wonderful evening in the bay, had a great meal, I prepared of course and finished off with wine.  Our first night on this cruise will be in a cool breeze hopefully secure in this anchorage.  All is quite along the waterfront.  We will cover another 12 miles tomorrow to dock in Burlington and see part of the town.  It may never be the same when the Kentucky folks arrive.  If the wind subsides and Irene does not find us we will proceed further North up the lake.  Many islands to find along the way.  We have not found "Champ" as yet but we have hope.  No lake monster will deter this voyage of discovery.  The wind today must have been too rough for it or him.  We just cruised on by. 

We can certainly recommend the charter.  The first day has been exciting and most fun.  We keep looking over at each other on the fly bridge wondering if we are truly experiencing this adventure.  We continue to live and search for our adventures.  We can only hope many lie ahead to be experienced.  We promise to include all our friends and readers in the loop.

Happy sailing,

Denise, Barry, Bailey and Bella

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