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Monday, December 30, 2013


Yehaw!!!  We finally closed on the new condo.  What a time closing due to an ill informed Indiana attorney. However, we did close and now excited about our move.  This will be our new home hopefully next year.  We can just hop and skip to the water from the porch.  I really thought I saw a blue whale surface this afternoon.  I know I saw future skinny dipping visions.  Yes, I was drinking wine. 

Now the fun will start. We have several contractors arranged to remodel the home, starting January 2.  First the painting, wallpaper removal, removal of carpeting, installing laminate flooring, new fixtures, bath floors, new appliances, and many other things we have not encountered.  Such is the result of moving.  We are more than excited about the view and enjoying twice the room. 

We made the move in anticipation of moving here full time. Our boat is only about 4 min. drive to the marina.  We plan to cruise long range with boat breaks here for a month or two at a time.  Condo ownership offers no maintenance worries with limited expense. 

Our new pool is still under construction but has taken shape and will be complete in the spring.  We all will be excited to enjoy the new pool which is larger and beautiful.  This is our main recreation in the development when not on the lake in our boat.
We have a great view in all directions. This view is looking west along Lake Barkley.  We have a herd of deer each evening and Canadian Geese during the day.  The dogs will have much fun.

Well, we will continue this saga in the next few weeks. Nesting in the new home is fun but just a bit of work.

Happy sailing,

Denise, Barry, Bella, Bailey
aboard 0 Regrets.

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