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Friday, December 6, 2013


OK, it is no secret that boaters hate, absolutely hate winter months.  Not only do I have to stay in our hometown this weekend, but winter has raised its ugly head.
Now this is the view from our garage.  The color of the Bradford pear trees adds some redeeming factor to the scene but not much. There is about 1/4 inch of ice below this snow. YUCK!   It is difficult to believe I was aboard 0 Regrets just 4 days ago. 
We did not make the short drive to our condo on Lake Barkley this week due to the driving conditions.  We continue to work through the buying process for our new condo. We are purchasing a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo in a waterfront building in the same development, Bend of the River.  Our new unit is the floor level of a 2 story building with full, enclosed and screened porch with the greatest view.
This view is from the porch of our new unit.  This view is looking west along Lake Barkley which is only 1/2 the view. We have a similar view looking east along the lake/river.  Our dogs will love swimming and wandering along the river.   We have a large herd of deer that gather along the river each evening.  Bailey keeps her interest.  We hope to move in middle of December and the remodeling will begin. 
I have written of our good friend and famous boater "Doc". He is an inspiration and continues to cruise alone aboard a 27 ft. Albin Family Cruiser.  He is currently at Mobile Bay after over 4,000 river miles in the past 3 plus years.   His blog is good at  Follow Doc during the coming cruise of the GICW, Gulf inter coastal waterway.  He is being a good pirate with adventures along the waters of the US.  
We are venturing out when necessary for the "potty" break.  Yes, I use the indoor, outhouse, the girls have to squat in the cold, frozen tundra.  We always try to prepare for the venture into the frozen wonderland with some reluctance on Bailey's part.
"No Dad, not the hoodie!"  I insist on preparing my girls for such an adventure.  After all, the sled is in the garage.  We could not escape the press but made the best of our conditions. 
Well, I think we are very handsome.  Bailey is the short one in the photo.  Just think, our friend Doc is docked in Mobile Bay at 72 deg. while we suffer through this winter blast.  I do not like winter and hope this is our last winter in the bluegrass state.
We do not always have a Christmas Card but Denise in a moment of inspiration, formed this picture for our card.  I think the dogs had leg cramps before the final picture was captured.  Bailey has the devil eyes but we are proud of family Christmas photo.
I hope the Christmas Card next year is on the bow of 0 Regrets near Pensacola, FL and the inter coastal waterway.  We shall see! 
Ok to end this post I found an old picture from my more adventurous days.  Thought I would share with you in the hope you will not follow my example.  But, I did have a great deal of fun this year on BLACK FRIDAY!
   While rum is not my hard liquor drink of choice it will do in the cold months of the year.  "Here's Johnny" seems an appropriate caption.  Ok, river fans, I must end this post for I am in need of another bottle of wine.  I hope to thaw by tomorrow and make our way to the lake. 
Happy sailing,
Adm. Denise, Capt. Barry and deckhands Bailey and Bella

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