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Monday, November 1, 2010

Recent Happenings

Activity along the river and The Nina have overwhelmed the crew. In recent days we have toured the ships with over 2,000 school children of all ages. The school tours are the busiest days but also very rewarding. The curiosity of the children coupled with the uniqueness of the ships results in a rewarding day but a bit exhausting. The ships will relocate to Knoxville, TN in a few days and the number of visitors should continue at a minimum of 1,500 per day.


At each port the ship usually experiences uninvited visitors. Now considering we live aboard the Nina with little, if any privacy, uninvited visitors at 3 am creates high emotions. At 3 am on a recent morning our crew was awakened by our First Mate, Vic, rudely instructing two intruders to exit the ship. A bit funny considering the intruders were dressed in Lederhosen(October feast) and Fedora's. One startled visitor crashed his head into the Stern castle overhead (roof) which is hard wood and capable of a wound. As he staggered off the Nina the other intruder wanted to compliment us on the workmanship of the Nina. Needless to say, he was quickly ejected from the Nina. A dip in the river would be rewarding, except we would be required to rescue them. Something about water and alcohol does not mix.

Adjacent to our dock the city maintains a hill which attracts hundreds of children and adults. The fun is provided by a wide variety of cardboard sleds. A trip back in time with cardboard slides along a grassy hill. We all enjoy watching the kids be kids without phones, computers and video games. The laughter continues all day on weekends and each evening with the wonderful weather we have experienced.

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