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Monday, September 8, 2014


Summer cruising has arrived.  However, due to the unusually low temps, 75-80 high and 58-65 lows the July 4th. was a most pleasant 5 days cruise.  Yes, we abandoned our home cruising area to venture south along the Tennessee River to escape the madness of the holiday crowds.  Believe me, many recreational boaters do not know the "rules of the road" or care.  So, we escape their madness.
The deckhands seem well rested with typical place on the bridge of "0 Regrets".  We sailed on Wednesday noon for our first anchorage at Vickers Bay.  This is a new location for use but exploring is most fun.  We had no other plans past this point. 
The above view is a small, rock beach to our stern in a small bay in the Vickers Bay area.  The water was 12 ft. in most of the small bay and afforded good air movement but also good holding.  The hands, Bailey and Bella enjoyed a good swim as did the Captain and Admiral.  We were fortunate, only a few fisherman and limited pleasure boats entered the area during our stay.  The following day we ventured to another new anchorage, Heiman Fort Bay. 

 The above is a view from the bluff point at the entrance to  Ft. Heiman Bay.  The bay was very busy during the afternoon, however, by 6 pm. all had vacated except 0 Regrets and a Rinker Sedan Bridge boat across the bay.  We enjoyed a quiet and calm evening till 7 am.  I was shaken from a good sleep with a large boom, rattling the boat. I just knew the nearby boat had exploded.  Fortunately, it appears a cannon was fired above us at Ft. Heiman.  Whew!!! 

The horizontal line right to left is the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. We anchored on the "pin" at the entrance to Cypress Creek. Two marinas are located at the west end of the bay, one in Tennessee and one in Kentucky.  It seems the Kentucky marina is split by the state boundary line with beer sales permitted at the fuel dock but NO sales at the close by restaurant.  Two states and two different counties. 

The view is back to Vickers Bay for two additional evenings.  We enjoyed the bay so much we just returned and the quiet continued. We tend to celebrate the sunset with a good glass of red wine, joining in the celebration of another wonderful day on the water. 
Yes I must admit, my girl Bailey has an appetite.  Captured here eyeing the plate through the cabin window.  The "girls" are well fed but savor the flavor of human food.  Now, if I could just get her to "dump" the poop pad on the bow!!!!
Happy Sailing,
Barry, Denise, Bailey and Bella
aboard 0 Regrets

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