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Monday, April 28, 2014


I must apologize to my readership for a two month absent.  I do not have a good excuse.  My best attempt at blame is to pass the blame to my editorial "staff" for not keeping me on the beam.  So, since I have been so absent I am looking back to some of my favorite pics and people. 

The above pic is our great Bella.  She like all dogs likes the window view and this reminds me of the carefree joy of all dogs hanging about.  Update, we have complete remodeling the condo and will be posting after photos.  However, the view from the porch has not changed except the colors, temps and river traffic. 
My trusty companion, Bailey remains at my side always alert and lends a helping paw. 
This pic of my best friend shows the pensive side of her. She has a moment and I am sure she is planning the next in her article "Paws are Us".  She is the best sailing deckhand with four hands. 
The above view should be self explanatory.  The weathered face of the old sailor most likely trying to decide the next step aboard "0 Regrets".  I remain thankful the Admiral Denise finds time to help this "old man on the sea".  I know it must be a challenge.  
After completion of the condo remodeling I have to continue to "work".  One must pay those bills.  Challenged to work along the water front, I have positioned my office in a convenient location to be of assistance Coast Guard in case of a water born emergency.
Well, I have the laptop, coffee, environmental watch and weather watch.  Someone must monitor the commercial traffic along the Cumberland River.  I am you Man! 
Boating season is upon us and we have completed one short cruise on the Tennessee River with deckhands of two, 16 yr. old young men and one watchful father.  We typically make this cruise each Spring for a week, however, due to other commitments, the crew was only available for a shorter voyage. I must have a talk with them about things interfering with sailing. 
Well, I know this is a short catch up.  But as they say, "more to come".  Happy sailing all and we will see you on the water.
Capt. Barry, Adm. Denise and deckhands Bella and Bailey


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